Garage Sale Haul

The  first garage sale of the day was conveniently located right across the street from my home. I scored the old metal sifter. I already have 3 but there’s always room for 1 more. 🙂

I love wood frames and I found 4 of them at $1 a piece. SCOOOOORRE! The wood tv cart on casters will get some paint.. Oh who am I kidding almost the  whole haul will get some paint. 

I cannot resist a wooden bowl  I saw two and came home with them. I have no purpose or plan for the Llama but could not leave him sitting on the driveway.


The Yamaha folding chair was actually 50 cents!!  …and so were the cutting boards. 🙂

I didn’t score any  dressers or tables  but, it was still a good haul. 🙂

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